Special Guests

Special Guest Week: Print Tuft & Fold Turn Science into Homewares

As some of you may have noticed, I’m a big fan of bold colour and graphic pattern, and this collection from Print Tuft & Fold that was exhibited at this year’s 100% Design event really caught my eye. Inspired by archival images sourced from the London Science Museum’s vaults, the creative trio has combined scientific … Continue reading

Trend Spotlight

Trend Spotlight: Our shopping finds to bring on the tribal beat

Having looked at the patterned, spotted, multi-hued glory that is the TRIBAL TREND yesterday, I’m sure you might be wondering how to incorporate this into your home without making it into a mad-house?! I’ve gathered a collection of tip top pieces from my shopping travels that you can incorporate into your decor to add some … Continue reading

Outfit to Fitout

Outfit to Fitout: TRIBAL is ‘it’ on the runways this season, and for interiors too

Fashion and interiors trends are linked in so many ways, and often change and evolve in rhythm with eachother. You can spot similar patterns and colours evolving when you look in the windows of high street shops, flip through Vogue’s runway report pages, or browse a home furnishings store’s website. That’s what this series is … Continue reading