Trend Spotlight

Trend Spotlight: Greys and greens in interiors range from moody to fresh

One of my favourite colour schemes lately is a combination of grey with green. There are so many wonderful shades that feel contemporary at the moment – whether the green is a punchy chartreuse, a soft dusty mint or a deep olive, and the grey can be anything from velvety pale taupe to a heavy and shadowy slate. Catch some … Continue reading

Decor Voyeur

Decor Voyeur: peek inside a bachelor pad that has depth and elegance

Welcome to the first post in the Decor Voyeur series, where you’ll be able to have a sneak peek into surprising, beautiful and inspiring homes around the world. Today we are glimpsing the ultra-modern and glamourous ‘bachelor pad’ home of a San Francisco investment banker. Although there is a zebra-print rug involved (the quintessential bachelor pad … Continue reading