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Decor Voyeur: An inspiring peek inside Sarah Seven’s San Francisco dress shop

Just a quick titbit of inspiration today! The topic? Nouveau boutique design. I’m loving The Glitter Guide lately – I signed up to their daily newsletter and am really enjoying their down-to-earth, business-savvy, modern woman-style posts! I found an article about Sarah Seven‘s new bridal and dress shop in San Francisco, and thought some of … Continue reading

Trend Spotlight

Trend Spotlight: Greys and greens in interiors range from moody to fresh

One of my favourite colour schemes lately is a combination of grey with green. There are so many wonderful shades that feel contemporary at the moment – whether the green is a punchy chartreuse, a soft dusty mint or a deep olive, and the grey can be anything from velvety pale taupe to a heavy and shadowy slate. Catch some … Continue reading

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Freshly Squeezed: Hugo Tugman’s design ideas for making that WOW factor: Part 1 of 3

Hugo Tugman is an experienced architectural designer, having founded and then run one of the UK’s leading architectural practices for over 15 years. He is the author of the Architect Your Home which helps to make architectural design accessible and affordable for everyone. Last weekend at The National Home Improvement Show I watched Hugo’s extremely informative … Continue reading