Decor Voyeur

Decor Voyeur: An inspiring peek inside Sarah Seven’s San Francisco dress shop

Just a quick titbit of inspiration today! The topic? Nouveau boutique design. I’m loving The Glitter Guide lately – I signed up to their daily newsletter and am really enjoying their down-to-earth, business-savvy, modern woman-style posts! I found an article about Sarah Seven‘s new bridal and dress shop in San Francisco, and thought some of … Continue reading

Outfit to Fitout

Outfit to Fitout: High fashion-inspired ‘soft drama’ mood board for a traditional living room

I have a project coming up in a few months’ time with a client who has just purchased a home built in the early 1900s, and wants to refurbish it in keeping with its historical period. I’ve started playing around with looks and ideas as there are many different directions we could go while still … Continue reading

Outfit to Fitout

Outfit to Fitout: TRIBAL is ‘it’ on the runways this season, and for interiors too

Fashion and interiors trends are linked in so many ways, and often change and evolve in rhythm with eachother. You can spot similar patterns and colours evolving when you look in the windows of high street shops, flip through Vogue’s runway report pages, or browse a home furnishings store’s website. That’s what this series is … Continue reading