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Get Inspired by these Perfectly Organized Closets

A Guest Post By Jane Blanchard of

Just picture it. You walk into your closet to walls lined with perfectly portioned shelves and wrought-iron rods set to custom heights for dresses and shirts. Then you turn the corner, and there it is, the shoe showcase. Swoon. It’s a dream for any fashion lover as well as the individual who simply appreciates an organized space. If you are working with a smaller area, organizational pieces can help you make the most of it. No matter the size, an organized closet is a happy closet.



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Options are seemingly endless when it comes to shoe storage. The solution highlighted in this picture places all your shoes in plain view. As an added bonus, it frees up valuable floor space that you can use for other items. If you don’t have the room for a display this large, a smaller version will do the job just as well. For the shoes you are particularly fond of, this unique storage method displays them beautifully, while adding a certain flare to the overall appearance of your closet.



via Zillow Digs


Sometimes a collection of clothing presents a difficult dilemma. You like the clothes but hate the loads of laundry that they inevitably produce.  As shown in this picture, you can lessen laundry-day stress by placing your washer and dryer inside the closet. If the plumbing allows, this arrangement will make a tedious chore a little easier. Even if the plumbing isn’t established for such a layout,  this inspirational idea might be worth a call to your contractor. Hello, remodel!



via Zillow Digs


Delicates and other small articles of clothing have a tendency to congregate into piles. A compartmentalized drawer like this one makes undergarment storage simple. Such an organized space may even cut down on the lost sock problem. So go ahead, do it for lonely socks everywhere! Fortunately,  you don’t need elaborate, custom-made drawers to achieve this system. Several pieces of wood are all you need to transform your current closet furniture into divided-drawer dream houses.



via Houzz


While there are many methods for organizing closets, baskets are an excellent way to store similar items. At the same time, they produce a neat and uniform appearance. The wicker baskets in this picture feature labels, which help you quickly identify its contents. This feature makes  containers like these the perfect item to store on the top shelves. In addition, baskets make great holders for off-season items that you don’t need easy access to every day.


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