DIY Decor

DIY Decor: Sweet handmade touches for your wedding

DIY Decor ideas

Although wedding season is winding down for this year (at least in the Northern Hemisphere!) things are just getting fired up for planning those 2015 weddings.

Personally, I’m part of  two wedding parties next spring, and I’ve been having a heyday exploring creative DIY projects to bring a special, memorable touch to the events. Not to mention helping the wedding party save a load of cash by making, rather than buying, much of the decor.

Here are a few of my favourite ideas for charming yet totally achievable handmade wedding decor.

Romantic Feathers

wedding decor gold feathers

A lovely and utterly simple way to add a whimsical bohemian touch to your reception. Simply dip feathers in a little mod podge and dab on the glitter. Then tie onto some string to form a soft, glamorous garland.

Colourful Fun

wedding decor pom pom balloons

I love this balloon DIY idea for a casual, fun feel. No need to spend big on anything expensive here – just some regular old white balloons jazzed up with some adorable pom poms!

Tabletop S’mores

wedding decor tabletop smores

Another easy one that packs a lot of punch. Who could forget the wedding where you got to roast marshmallows right on your own table! Not much involved except a little foil, charcoal, and some dollar store terracotta pots.

Disposable cameras, permanent memories

wedding decor disposable camera




This is such a fun way to get guests engaged in the event, and maybe even break the ice with those who don’t know each other.

Place one of these “I Spy” lists at each place setting, and scatter disposable cameras around. It’s a great way to get lots of cute candid shots of the event as well.









For the little ones

wedding favor for kids

And finally, for those wee squirmy kidlets. Keep them occupied and having fun with this easy-peasy DIY colouring set. There are lots of free printable colouring sheets to be found online, which will help keep costs down while still creating a unique experience for your guests.

I hope this has warmed up that DIY engine and helped you get your creative juices flowing! What other memorable DIY decor ideas have you seen at weddings you’ve attended?

gold feathers / pom pom balloons / tabletop smores / camera activity list / colouring favours

Thoughts to share? Leave a comment!

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