Outfit to Fitout

Outfit to Fitout: Adorable autumnal animals all over

label_Outfit to Fitout

It’s that time again, that time when we have fun exploring trends that are criss-crossing from interiors to fashion and back again.

The cool autumn weather is bringing on that cozy feeling and it’s making me think of all the cute and cuddly creatures that are collecting their nuts, lining their dens and warming up their burrows for the coming winter.

Luckily while they’re tucked up asleep we can still enjoy their cuteness on our clothing and in our homes with these trendy beauties.


animal trend_rabbit jewelry and cake dish-01


OMG, I don’t know which one I love more. And how cute that they are both in the same pose! I think I would like to eat that gumball cupcake while wearing that necklace. That would be a GREAT day. image 1 /  image 2



animal trend_fox sweater and cushion-01-01

And here we are feeling a little bit foxy. This sweater is totally the trendy version of that one your grandma made you when you were 8 and you hated it. Now you totally wish she would make you one in your adult size, admit it. Then you could wear it while lounging back on this darling embroidery and appliqued fox cushion! A very unexpectedly layered approach from the usual graphic cushion. image 3 / image 4



animal trend_wolf tank top and bed-01


Oh my word, I am just so in love with these both! The wolf totem tank top is such a strong, spiritual statement in a nice modern graphic style. And the bedspread would bring vivid dreams of running free and barefoot in the forest. Love! image 5 / image 6

Well I hope this has inspired your wild soul to indulge in adorning yourself and your space with some adorable autumnal creatures. xxL


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