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DIY Decor: gorgeous colored mason jars

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One of the things that never fails to catch my eye and inspire me in home decor is the combination of light and color. That’s the reason why I am absolutely in love with this mason jar DIY from Lilyshop. They would look so beautiful sitting on a windowsill or used as a tealight candle holder.

TIP: put your mixing skills to the test and try making these in shades of reds golds and browns in preparation for autumnal table decor and Thanksgiving!!


The process is pretty basic: all you need is Mod Podge, a few shades of food coloring, and as many mason jars as you like!


1. pour about 1.5 inches of mod podge into your jar
2. add a few drops of food coloring of your choice (pre mixed to the shade you want)
3. give the mixture a swirl with a stir stick or similar item

The color will look pastel but it will dry to be translucent and rich in color like the food coloring

4. swirl the jar gently and roll it between your hands carefully without spilling the glue so that the mixture runs down and coats the inside of the jar

5. set the jar down upside down on some foil or parchment paper and leave it alone until it dries completely

NOTE: Mod Podge is not a food safe glue.


Aren’t they pretty!!

Don’t be sad about the waning summer weather, look forward to fall with beautiful DIY projects like this! Happy September all!

this is my version of a tutorial from Lilyshop which you can check out for more details. all photos are by Lilyshop.


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