Case Study

Case Study: Key tips on how 4 small bedrooms became ridiculously chic, plus a sneak peek into my bedroom!

This weekend I finally realised that the weather is really cooling down a bit. I think I’ve been in denial, but yes, it is time to get my autumn jacket out of the cupboard and start wearing it! I got a cute red one earlier in the summer which I’m a little excited to start sporting! Unfortunately the cute little red rain boots I just got are too matchy, so I won’t be able to wear them together…damn!! but that’s a problem for another day..

With the cooler weather and some reading I’ve been doing, I felt inspired to really ‘dress up’ our bed again. It’s been in a kind of FLAT state all summer, with just a sheet and basic pillows on it, what with us being ridiculously busy all summer and not really having any time to just laze around, plus the fact that it’s been way too hot with anything more than a sheet on! But I felt a kick of inspiration to pile on the nice cushions again and make it all COOOZY-like. This was just a first swipe but you can check it out below:

ideas for how to make a small bedroom chic

our bedroom – still a work in progress!

I know I know, it’s not perfectly styled and the linens aren’t ironed, but I chucked it together in like 3 minutes :) I’ll be using my new tips to spruce it up to true magazine-worthiness at some point soon!

Anyways, moving on to some MUCH CHICER bedrooms, and we will get FOUR KEY TIPS on how you can seriously create a gorgeous look with barely any space to spare…

SMALL BEDROOM TIP #1: Create focus with a headboard

small bedroom ideas


The simple upholstered headboard in an eye-catching fabric really punches up this teeny bedroom! Add a cute little vintage side table (cue white spraypaint!) and a graphic throw cushion, and keep the rest SIMPLE.

SMALL BEDROOM TIP #2: Add statement lighting and smart storage

small bedroom design idea with floating shelves


This room has so many things going for it! There is barely any room to edge around the bed, yet the owner has been super BOLD by going for a 4-poster bed, chandelier and dark ceiling! The ceiling colour makes the eye sense heaviness at the top, while keeping the walls white actually makes them appear to jump outward in comparison. Love the floating shelves as well – way to beat clutter!

SMALL BEDROOM TIP #3: Cover one wall in a bold pattern


The bright graphic pattern on the wall behind the bed draws the eye and gives it a tasty accent to focus on, making the smallness of the space easily forgotten! I love the fur rug too – a little something nice for the toes! Little touches like these are super easy to do, and definitely add that luxe factor to a bedroom.

SMALL BEDROOM TIP #4: Max out the style factor, minimize the clutter

bedroom decor ideas


This little bedroom has everything you could want: patterned accent pillows (and a good number of them, with different colours and textures), a stylish side table with a cute lamp, plus an eye catching piece of art on the wall. However, besides that, there is very little! The bedspread, carpet and walls are super simple, and there is no clutter visible in the main focal area of the room (the bed). This creates that luxe feel in a small space!

For exact instructions on how to create a stylist-worthy look in your own space, I recommend this guide, which I found super handy! It’s easy to say ‘that looks nice!’ to a photo of a gorgeous froufy bed, but it’s another thing to actually create that look yourself! The Luxury Bedding Guide makes it pretty foolproof!





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