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Green Genius: Clever and stylish uses for old suitcases!

With my general lack of self control when it comes to shopping and thrifting, I’ve accumulated a number of cool old suitcases over the years. They’re kind of just chilling out in my parents’ basement at the moment, awaiting the day when I have the opportunity to go on a trip with just the clothes on my back and a suitcase only slightly larger than my purse. I think that would require a Sherpa and a few mules to carry the rest of my baggage so that I could look cool just carrying my little vintage suitcase covered with obscure stickers, while they manage the rest of my wardrobe and toiletries.

Until then, I think I’ll try making a few of these awesome projects with my suitcase collection. Possibly a little more practical…. :) plus an awesome way to upcycle used goods into something useful and stylish!

I love the coordinated monochrome colours and the mirror on top to make this too-easy project look polished! Your friends will think it kind of just ‘happened’ as a natural product of your creative genius!

So cute and a perfect use for that slightly scuzzier suitcase you wouldn’t actually wanna put any of your stuff in :)

For the dedicated DIY-er! So impressive!

Same goes for this one! Check out this link for info on how to make!

Love this one – very chic for an entry hall or bedside! Very nicely styled as well.

Now that your brain is buzzing with inspiration, go create!! Go now!!


6 thoughts on “Green Genius: Clever and stylish uses for old suitcases!

  1. Nice post – I love any inventive ways of up-cycling old suitcases…. I confess have a few old suitcases myself. I have extra love for the wall mounted make up hideaway and the table case.

    I am lucky because I have to travel a lot for work so I get to use my suitcases. I recently glammed up a little square 1950’s cardboard suitcase. You can see it here:

    Drop by my blog and let me know what you think. :)

    • Oh coool! Will definitely have a look! Thanks for the comment :) I love the name of your blog!

  2. Hi Liivi – I’ve just nominated you for One Lovely Blog Award! You can choose to accept or decline – have a look at my latest post for details! Just wanted to let you know how fab I think your blog is. Emily

    • Oh fab! Thanks Emily, I will indeed have a look! I really appreciate your comment and nomination!!

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