Trend Spotlight

Trend Spotlight: Ombré is my fave on anything and everything

I remember back in the day one year at summer camp we were assigned the project of making tie dye underwear. Why underwear, I have no idea! And of course, our newly dyed projects had to be put out to dry, so we were all embarrassed hanging our horrendously blotchy colourful knickers and training bras up for display for the rest of the camp to snicker about!

This trend is maybe just a touch more refined and a whole lot more modern; definitely worth displaying on the outside of one’s outfit!! And not only that but awfully styley for home decor accents as well!

For those of us not in the know, ombré means a gradation of colour from one part of an object to another, as in a slow fade from say white at one end to blue at the other.

There has been widespread experimentation in everything from leggings to hair but I’m focusing on the homey bits for our purposes!


(apologies, no known sources for the above photos)

Lovely accents for a retro feel.

Or a cleaner more modern take!

A colour lover’s dream when paired with flowers!


Minimalism with a trendy punch!

Effortlessly edgy, no??
Try here and here for some sawweet DIY info!!

Happy weekend!!


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