Freshly Squeezed

Freshly Squeezed: Ideas for a beautiful summer party

Freshly Squeezed Interior Design Ideas from The Unexpected Chic

While my abode is sadly lacking in the outdoor space department (a smallish balcony with more pidgeon poop than furniture) I can still dream of what exactly I would do if I did have a little bit more to work with! Having said that, don’t let space constraints stop you: a gorgeous summer party doesn’t need much space! Some creativity and inspiration is all you really need.


Picking a colour scheme can be a good place to start. Fresh blues and touches of romantic red look great here. The hanging fabric does wonders for the space and is easy to do!! Check here for some tips.


Alternatively go for no particular colour scheme at all! Mixing lots of fun cheapie pieces in glass and plastic along with some fresh flowers (they don’t need to be expensive!) looks super fun on this table.


Individuality is key! Follow your instinct and don’t be afraid to add personal touches. I love this table setting with vintage looking ginger beer (check out a local farmers market) and games to break the ice!


Homemade treats are an easy way to add a personal touch too!

(unknown source)

If you look closely, you’ll notice that half the charm of summer parties is in their spontaneous, thrown together, serendipitous feel.


Score vintagey fabrics from your local fabric or charity shop, or your mums linen closet! Cottages tend to accumulate some sweet old flowery sheets and things too which I can’t help but think would make the perfect summery tablecloth!

Last but not least, add some sparkly lights like these!


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