What the Magpie Saw

What the Magpie Saw: Delightfully Quirky Cottage Decor!

I had the good fortune of spending the weekend at some friends’ charming cottage by Lake Cecebe near Magnetawan, Ontario. A town of only a few hundred where there is a pub and an LCBO but no grocery store or petrol station!

Kitschy retro treasures lie around every corner in a place like this, which has accumulated funky junk from both it’s current and previous owners. It’s a delectable organically grown over-the-years smorgasbord of cheesy and crafty delights!

I even found a basket of “vinyl craft lace” (which we used to call “gimp” at summer camp) in the back bedroom!! You know I totally whipped up a few bracelets!!








And yes, we TOTALLY cranked some tunes on that sweet 8-track player!! Which is by the way INSIDE OF the fireplace mantel! What an amazingly useful piece of furniture!!

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