Perfect Picks

Perfect Picks: Jonathan Adler takes the human body to new creative lengths

Perfect Picks - our favourites from new collections in the interior design worldIn my random browsing today whilst utterly bored at work, I stumbled upon some super fun imaginative designs from Jonathan Adler! I found this boy and girl vase on The Glitter Guide and loved it – it’s so genuinely irreverent and unconventional that I thought for sure it was one of those amazingly lucky and rare flea-market finds!

But no, it is in fact part of the Utopia collection, one of the many awesome pottery lines that Jonathan throws by hand at his Soho studio before sending the prototypes to his workshop in Peru! Here, artisans are given the opportunity to produce handmade items for a fair price through the Aid to Artisans program! How cool is that!

I love the surreal Alice in Wonderland-esque feel of these pieces. Can’t wait to get my hands on some!

Sailor and Mermaid bucket

Ahoy matey!

Georgia lamp

Get some boobies on!

Muse Blanc candle holder

Look in all directions simultaneously!

Mr and Mrs Muse mug

Mustachioed or Clean-shaven and lippy

Peace bookend set

A lot hipper than a lot of other bookends!

Thoughts to share? Leave a comment!

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