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Green Genius: Cheap and fabulous DIY wall art to save the planet!

Green Genius - sustainable living and design ideas at The Unexpected ChicHaving recently moved into a new place and being on a (to put it lightly) small budget for making it feel homey, I’ve been scouting ideas for DIY art and accessories. Wall art can take a home, and especially a bland rental apartment, from boring and cold to chic and cozy!

These options are awesome because they recycle existing materials and are also super cheap to make, meaning you can simultaneously save the planet AND your wallet! What’s not to love right!


Cheapie wooden frames + some paint + some wrapping paper + thrifted saucers = these awesome beauties! I love the off-beat combinations of stylish patterns and kitschy fruit and veg graphics. Just be sure you have some strong glue so you don’t get unexpected noises in the night when your handiwork drops off the wall!


Books cost like, next to nothing at your local Value Village or garage sales, or even sometimes free on Kijiji! Remove the covers and frame them to create an energetic, meaningful wall display!


An old-school serving tray gets a new calling in this one – super cute if you ask me!


It doesn’t get much easier than this – literally nail some baskets on to the wall for this earthy, textured look! Love the golden tones of the woven grass on top of the cool blue wall.


Try a thrift store or garage sales or even your grandmother’s linen closet for some cool old tea towels, quilts or bandanas, and coordinate into some simple frames for this eclectic look! Super-trendy at the moment what with batik and ikat prints being spotted all over the place! What could be prettier! And cheaper!

Well I hope you’ve found some inspiration to upgrade your walls and amp up the style factor in your home. The planet, and your wallet, will thank you, while your friends will exclaim at your DIY prowess!

Until next time…


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