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Freshly Squeezed: 5 Beautiful Front Door Ideas

Freshly Squeezed Interior Design Ideas from The Unexpected ChicI just love checking out aspects of other people’s homes, whether it be for inspiration, as fodder for debate, or out of just simple nosiness!

One of the parts you can observe without alerting the Neighbourhood Watch is the front door. It’s cool to see what people do to express their individuality and style through this vital first-impression-maker that is a very public part of the home.

I believe it can totally make or break a home – ie decide whether it’s somewhere you’d love to be invited for coffee, or a place you wouldn’t touch with a 39 and a half foot pole. (Points if you get the reference!) :)

Here are some particularly alluring examples that are definitely within reach for your average house – we’re not talking Taj Mahals with trickling fountains and 20-foot palms here. There are simple solutions everyone can do to improve the face of their home, whether it’s to welcome themselves each day they arrive home from work, or to draw in potential buyers from the curb!


I like how this classic take on a front door set-up has been made approachable and fun with the asymmetrical pots and yellow accents! Super cute but still grown-up.

A more rustic version that’s a bit worn which adds charm and feels a bit whimsical! I love the overgrown tiny flowers.

Container gardening galore! Lots of fun foliage colours dress up this door to make it look exotic and eclectic.

Very formal with the perfect symmetry and gold trim, but made pretty and approachable with the natural mat, little Welcome sign and pink blossoms!

This one would deliver a punch of sunshiney happiness even on a grey day! Love the tiles too – an original feature definitely worth caring for and maintaining!



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