Freshly Squeezed

Freshly Squeezed: Juicy ideas for a fabulous outdoor space

Freshly Squeezed Interior Design Ideas from The Unexpected ChicThe patio furniture has been unpacked and there have already been some gorgeous days this spring. It’s a waiting game now for when summer is actually going to hit! Although the last few days have been freezing and it actually SNOWED in ALMOST MAY, which is AWFUL, I remain faithful that it will turn better soon and the long hot summer will be upon us!

Speaking of which, planning outdoor space is a key factor for summer preparation. It’s definitely something worth spending time and energy on to make it somewhere really special to wile away those glorious hot-weathered hours.

When it comes to planning and designing that perfect space, I think there are three really important items that contribute to the magic and should be included in every design. These can be incorporated no matter whether your outdoor space is a tiny balcony hanging off a high rise or a giant back yard in the country! Read on to discover and be inspired!


This doesn’t always mean a big fire pit or outdoor stove. Which are, of course, awesome! But little touches are magical too…






Airy and fresh is the key for that luxe resorty look! Think white blossoms, clean neutral fabrics and natural materials like reclaimed wood.




Think outside the box! A cushy rug, some drapey fabric and a few patterned cushions thrown on the ground can make even the smallest balcony feel like a sultan’s tent!

Try using UV-resistant fabrics and indoor-outdoor rugs for a weather-proof lounge area!






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