Perfect Picks

Perfect Picks: the prettiest new dinnerware from West Elm

Perfect Picks - our favourites from new collections in the interior design world

I must admit: tableware is one of my weaknesses. Along with stationery and cake. I find them hard to resist, and am liable to purchase excessive amounts! Especially when they’re as cute and stylish as these new designs from West Elm.

It’s impossible to pick just one to go with – I think I’d have to set the table different every day just to use all the different lovely designs! From classy neutrals to kitschy nature motifs, see which one’s your fave. (I have 5!)

I just love the mix-and-match graphics of the Modernist Serving Bowls!

The Owl dessert plates set is so pretty, I want to hang them on the wall as artwork! 

The Jali Lattice designs are equally gorgeous in a colourful exotic setting as in a cool neutral one!

The Seedling motif is so elegant and subtle. Lovely for everyday and for a fancier spread! As West Elm recommends, it would make a lovely layered combination with simple white tableware.

I absolutely LOVE anything with gold touches, plus the concentric wood graphic is super trendy! Kudos to David Stark for this lovely design.

Happy shopping, and happy eating! If you can bear to dirty these gorgeous plates that is! :)


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