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Perfect Picks: Bring that sweet loving feeling to every day at home

Perfect Picks - our favourites from new collections in the interior design world

Tomorrow may be Valentine’s Day, the day we’re supposed to make an extra effort to make our loved ones feel special by plying them with gifts and expressions of our feelings. However, I think that EVERY day is worthy of a little spontaneous romanticism, even if it’s with something as simple as a few minutes set aside for a quiet one-to-one chat on the sofa. Help bring that whimsical, sensual and cozy feeling to your home for all the year with some of these perfect product picks.

A lavish chandelier in the bathroom might just inspire you to make that extra time for a soothing bath, solo or a deux. Try Union Lighting.

These ultra-luxe towels from Restoration Hardware will make you really savour that winding-down time, every day.

Hang a little love around the house, whether it’s on the doorknob, the bedpost, or your sweetie’s coat button as a secret morning message. From West Elm.

Try this easy and affordable DIY project: Conversation Hearts from Brown Paper Packages. You can change up the words to be a bit less obviously Valentine’s oriented too!

Your hard-working tootsies deserve love every day, not just once a year. If your other half isn’t so forthcoming with the foot massages, try these ultra cozy foot duvets instead. Restoration Hardware.

Just try and resist these cushions! My productivity level would go way down from constant impromptu cuddle sessions! From West Elm.

This cute clock adds a modern touch of romance to any space. The doily-inspired design brings back just the slightest memories of cut-and-paste Valentine’s cards in elementary school! But way more styley. Buy here.

Try this super cool personalized wall art for a stylish reminder of that special day in your relationship. Compliments your decor, plus maybe he won’t forget this year! Get it here.

Every day gets a little more glamorous with these ultra-romantic mirrored monogram boxes. Makes a lovely gift for Valentine’s, or anytime! From West Elm.

For some on-a-whim mood lighting, try these extra high quality pillar candles from Restoration Hardware.

A splash of red in your decor is pretty any time of year. From West Elm.

I hope you have a special Valentine’s Day, and don’t forget to make the love and surprises last all year long :).


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