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Trend Spotlight: Bright green interiors for spring!

Trend Spotlight on The Unexpected Chic

A quick shot of inspiration for you today; with spring around the corner, I know we’re all waiting with hungry eyes to see all that GREEN and freshness around us again! The winter has been so warm, I’m sure the plants will be eagerly sprouting their tiny leaves quite early this year!

Bring that same feeling of life and vitality into your home with this vibrant shade that never gets old! Especially when paired with neutrals such as white and grey, along with some natural wood tones mixed in. Perfect!

Bright chairs make this neutral space feel more fun! They can be easily changed if you feel like a change as well.

Modern green accents are a creative addition to a white Victorian bathroom.

A more olivey shade brings a slightly more traditional feel.

Don’t be afraid to go for coloured appliances and add tons of character to your kitchen!

A very nicely styled home – so pretty it feels like a gallery! There can never be too much green if the pieces are well composed and considered.

And finally, a more subtle interpretation with a mature, deep mossy tone. A bit more understated but every bit as beautiful!

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