Ten Best

Ten Best: Homey Christmas presents anyone will love for under 20 quid

Ten Best: our picks for one interior decor item on The Unexpected ChicHere’s the pressies for those people you want to show love to but you’re either a) a bit broke already after weeks of shopping or b) don’t want to show them THAT much love. The good news is you can still feel pride in giving something totally awesome. Read on…

Line up the family in this cute quirky photo frame. Buy!


Sticky lamps make a cool wall feature absolutely anywhere! Get them now.

The prettiest way to store everyday goods. Handmade charm for cheap! Procure!

Hand-sewn olive green zigzag coolness including a fibre cushion pad for this fab price. (Add 4 squids on if you’d rather a feather one). Yes!

Nauticals to clean up your nasties (It’s a tea towel). Ahoy!

Super styley for the mantlepiece or the Christmas table. Get sparkly.

Perfect for making pancakes on Christmas morning. Polka dot time!

The key message for the minute the clock ticks to leaving time on the last day before the holidays! Woohoo!

Almost too pretty to get yolk all over it. Let’s get cracking.

Super cute and Christmassy! Can’t go wrong with these. Yes please!

And last but not least, some patriotism in the kitchen! God save the Queen of cupcakes!

Happy shopping all :)


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