Case Study

Case Study: Whimsical and imaginative ceramics from Lladro

the Case Study series at The Unexpected Chic

I stumbled upon these amazing ceramics from Spanish company Lladro today, thanks to Bright Bazaar! The company was started as an experiment in an old Moorish furnace in 1953, and remains an industry leader in inspiring and fantastic pieces today. I love how they are so eye-catching and really evoke a sense of emotion and imagination.

The Naturofantastic collection really caught my eye, and I’ve picked my favourites to share with you! The pieces come in other shades such as turquoise, blue and white as well, but I love the drama of the gold and grey colourways.

Vase £800 / Bottle stopper £60 / Centrepiece £585 / Bowl £675

Find the pieces here!

Create a strikingly opulent yet highly atypical tablescape with these beautiful ceramics that are functional works of art.

Candelabra £850 / Pendant £225 / Salt and Pepper Shakers £115 and £200


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