Case Study

Case Study: Italian glass mosaic tiles made into wallpaper

the Case Study series at The Unexpected ChicTrend, an Italian tile company, has taken the best attributes of wallpaper and tiles and smashed them together into an amazing new product. Now available in the UK starting at £185 per square metre, Trend’s wallpapers are made from genuine Italian glass mosaic tiles, and have all the beauty and versatility of traditional wallpaper. There are structured repeated patterns in nearly 200 different options, and it even comes in rolls. The designs are amazingly beautiful, with themes ranging from tartan to weaving to blossoms.

The wallpaper is hard-wearing and water-proof, meaning it can be used  in any environment, on the floor, walls, ceilings, external facades and wet or humid areas. The tiles are mounted onto backing material and pre-grouted, ready to apply onto any surface, including over old tiles. This ensures speed and ease of application while maintaining accuracy, so costs of installation and wastage are vastly reduced! What a great system!

And, last but not least, 26 of the colourways are composed entirely of recycled glass, which uses 80% post-consumer material such as bottles!

Witness the jaw-dropping shimmering beauties below…and check out the site for the full selection!



Pattern names from top to bottom: Squares, Solemn, Professional, Optimistic, Flourishing, Fashionable, Explosive, Electric, Empire, Ethnic, Diffuse

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