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Trend spotlight: denim accessories for interiors – Shibori collection from Anthropologie

Trend Spotlight on The Unexpected Chic

With the make-do-and-mend mentality continuing throughout the fall, recycled textiles have been a major player in the interiors and furniture design scene. One that I’ve noticed emerging lately is the classic and ever-sexy in an understated way, DENIM.

{denim galore, from}

 Trend Bible has declared one of their Autumn-Winter 2011 trends to be ‘Utilitarian’ – see the mood board below. I think denim fits really well into this low-maintenance, durable, hand-crafted feeling scheme.

{‘Utilitarian’ trend moodboard by Trend Bible for Mydeco}
One of the first signs of this trend that I spotted in the mainstream is this re-upholstery project from Design Sponge – I love the chevron pattern! Good luck making your own – apparently this took over 2 months to hand craft!

{denim upholstery makeover of a vintage Eames chair, from Design Sponge}

And the first inkling of the denim trend in high street homeware retailers is this super unique and de-constructed denim-inspired collection from Anthropologie. The Japanese dye technique is called Shibori (known in the West as tie-dye) and traditionally uses book-binding thread to stitch and twist fabric in order to create the desired pattern. I think it looks like acid-wash denim from the early 90s! Definitely having its resurgence a few decades later.

{Arimatsu bedding from Anthropologie, £38-218}

{Spliced Shibori cushion from Anthropologie, £98}

If you’re a keen DIYer you can definitely craft up some cool denim pieces for your home using scraps of old jeans and embracing the seams, zips and pockets. Here are some more ideas…

{denim rag rug from}


{inside-out denim upholstery from}


{denim waistband cushion from}




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