Freshly Squeezed

Freshly Squeezed: 5 ways to make a sumptuous & sexy master bedroom

Freshly Squeezed Interior Design Ideas from The Unexpected ChicThe bedroom often gets left to last when you’re re-doing a house. Of course those public spaces like the living room and kitchen get attacked first because heavens forbid your guests come over to witness the skanky old lino floor and retro brown tile backsplash! However don’t forget to save some money for your own space, that special, cozy, inviting, personal space that is your haven each evening – or should be!

Here are 5 ways to make your master bedroom super sumptuous, stylish and sexy, so that you won’t be able to resist cuddling up and dozing off each evening.

SEXY BEDROOM TIP #1: Deep Colours

{Lovely dark textured wall sets off the bright accents, from}{These deep colours are so relaxing I can hardly keep my eyes open, from}{elegant in black and white - the black wall makes it remarkable, unknown photo credit, via Pinterest}

Go for layered lighting for ambience, tasks and mood. I especially love the look of having a textured headboard and then setting two small spotlights above it to skim across the texture. Very dramatic and stylish!
Always put each different type of lighting on its own circuit with a separate switch, and never forget the DIMMER!

{}{Add instant drama with a chandelier, from}





SEXY BEDROOM TIP #3: Luxe Finishes
Think thick carpets, richly embroidered or quilted duvets, poofy cushions and faux fur accents. Anything you just can’t keep your hands off of! Softly reflective surfaces and textures look great in that low lighting you introduced with the last tip!

{Love the faux fur! Very luxe and inviting, from}{Not crazy about this colour, but want to dive into that puffy blanket! From}


SEXY BEDROOM TIP #4: His and Hers
Add some romance with his and hers sinks, mirrors and even shower heads! Not only does it look charming, but it might actually  up the romance by preventing arguments over who gets to shower first :)!




SEXY BEDROOM TIP #5: Automation
No longer only for swanky bachelor pads, automated or remote-controlled elements in your bedroom can add a touch of luxury and ease to your daily routine and has become quite affordable. Some ideas for this are:
Lighting – add a remote to your dimmer to be able to turn the lights down low at your fancy! Or turn the light off when you’re ready to doze off without getting out of the cozy covers.
You could also incorporate some coloured LED lighting so you can change the mood whenever you please, or set it on a programme from subtle to disco! Check out this project by Skinflint Design for a visual.
Shower – put your his and hers showers on a remote so that you can switch it on when you’re still debating dragging yourself out of bed. By the time you make it over there, it’s at the perfect temperature! This luxe option is perfectly achievable at a price of about £500.
Fireplace – many old houses have a fireplace in every room, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there is an un-used neglected one in your bedroom that is just crying out to add a gorgeous luxurious touch to your master suite. Have a gas one installed with a remote so you can flick on the flames from under the blankets!



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