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An Interview: Sophie from innovative Cornwall lighting design company, Skinflint Design

The Unexpected Chic did an interview with someone really interesting!


LH: How are you doing today? What’s something interesting or inspiring you’ve seen/done/thought about today?

SM: I’m doing very well thank you, the sun is shining down here in Cornwall and it’s a crisp Autumn day. I was very inspired this morning looking through images of The Titanic with my children- we were chatting about all the amazing design on the ship and how it was lost to the bottom of the sea- it makes me feel glad we do what we do, salvaging and ensuring our lights are retained for posterity.

LH: What type of lighting project do you find most exciting or fulfilling? (ie residential, commercial, cultural, educational..?)

SM: Each project provides its own unique challenges, but we do enjoy residential projects as we work so closely with the client, it’s very rewarding meeting their personal requirements and knowing that their home will be lit and loved for many years.

LH: What is the biggest mistake that people make in lighting their homes?

SM: NOT lighting their homes! not considering lighting that is…. You’d be amazed how many people forget about it or think that by purchasing a shade from ikea they are ‘lighting’ their home

LH: Tell us about your favourite thing you’re working on at the moment.

SM: We are poised to launch our Autumn Winter 2011 collection on the 4th November which is really exciting- and our Spring Summer collection is taking shape too.

LH: What is the ultimate reclaimed treasure find you’re always on the hunt for?

SM: We both love engineers lamps, but anything gorgeous, unusual and with an interesting story will grab our attention.

LH: What do you think is the ‘next big thing’ to come into mainstream lighting?

SM: New developments in lamp (bulb) technology. The traditional filament lamp will cease to exist over the next few years- the emerging technologies that will replace this outdated product are really exciting and enable like for like illumination with no compromise on the life expectancy of the bulb. It’s an exciting space to watch!

LH: What is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you about your work?

SM: Hmm… well probably “Thank you!” We often receive comments on our great customer service- and people who purchase one of our lamps always love them, that is really satisfying.

LH: Can you suggest a brief checklist to go through when choosing lighting for a home?

SM: Are you maximising your natural light? Have you considered the purpose of the lighting in each room/space? They are the biggies.

LH: Do you have any secret sources for shopping?

SM: Now that would be telling ;-)

LH: If you weren’t a lighting designer what would you be?

SM: A Bond Girl….


Find Sophie at:

Email her at:

Or ring her on: +44 (0) 1326 314528


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