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Special Guest Week: Eclectic Gallery Walls

Special guest design professionals sharing their know-how on The Unexpected Chic

I am always looking for inspiration when it comes to displaying art, collectables and other items of beauty. Clients often ask me how to ‘properly’ or ‘correctly’ display their pieces. The answer is always the same – there is no one way.

It is important to feel comfortable with any display, traditional or not, as long as your display represents you just as well as the individual pieces do, you are golden! Let your space be shaped by your sentimental beauties. And why not! After all, they are all unique in their own way, just like you and the many reasons you have selected them as a part of your home environment!

We spend countless hours hunting for decor gems that speak to us, and once we do, we want to let them speak FOR us. They have so much to tell about our personal style, likes and dislikes, life experiences, stories, aspirations and dreams. So why not use the way that you incorporate them in your space ALSO do the talking?

Here are some images of many eclectic gallery walls & spaces that have recently inspired me. I hope they will inspire you too!

{Image Source: houzz.com}

The bright blues, greens and yellows pop against the crisp whites and metallics in this room. I love how asymmetrical this gallery wall is, and the feeling that the pieces are only staying on the wall because they are smushed together! The mix of the new and vintage furniture, fixture and framed images are fresh and playful.

{Image Source: Domino Magazine}

This image is great! The amazing red Toile wallpaper juxtaposed next to the modern furniture is fabulous. I think they made the right choice here to unify the frame colours. There is so much greatness going on in this exciting red/white/blue room. The pedistal speaks so well to the driftwood lamp & the cream colours in the framed prints.

{Image Source: ninasapartment.blogspot.com}


Can you say LOVE???!!! These mirors do many things to me – but mainly shreek with joy. This collection of vintage mirrors is a fantastic example of what to do with a collection. DON’T spread your mirrors around your house – DO group them together to let them shine as the focal point and conversation piece that they deserve to be.

{Image Source: House & Design Style}

These collectors couldn’t stand the idea of hanging only a few of their amazing pieces of art at once. Do you blame them? This is more of a collage style gallery wall. I think the way they painted the back wall a dark colour and the side wall white allowed the large number of pieces to fill the room with colour and light simultaneously. This has also helped define the space and especially prevents it from being overwhelmed by the art.

{Image Source: 22lovelyb.blogspot.com}

Combining different styles of furniture and time periods is key to that rich eclectic feel. The mask, Lamp, desk, candelabra and amazing yellow chair all bring important elements to this office space. As well,  the variety in frames on the gallery wall enriches the display. This space makes me curious about the owner’s past travels = success in eclectic design.

{Image Source: dutchbritishlove.wordpress.com}


I like the warmth of this space. This looks like a very homey and interesting space. Some hints of modernmism, some hints of traditionality and some transitional items make for a great mix of eclectic. I like how the colours in the artwork repeat throughout the space through the furniture. The orange colour really unifies the space.


Thoughts to share? Leave a comment!

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