Special Guests

Special Guest Week: The Living Room

Special guest design professionals sharing their know-how on The Unexpected Chic

The London Design Festival 2011 has been a week of pure unadulterated design pleasure. I felt incredibly lucky to live in a city that can offer a celebration of design with a wealth of design prowess, drawing design professionals from far and wide. With shows and exhibitions across London, at times it felt like being part of a festive frenzy, tubing, busing and walking from one event to the next.

{Image source: livingroomexhibition.co.uk}

Always one to enjoy some peace and calm, one exhibition that offered much aesthetic respite away from the crowds was The Living Room. Billed as “a characterful presentation of British design”, it’s being held at Luna & Curious, an elegant boutique in London’s Shoreditch Design Triangle. Upon entering, I was greeted warmly and offered a coffee and delicious homemade Bakewell tart. Showcasing a selection of contemporary products designed and made in Britain by established and emerging British designers, The Living Room exhibition was presented as such… it was a quirky, perhaps typical, yet tasteful and attractive, British living room space.

Some of my favourite items on show included:

Custhom, Embroidered Triangle Wallpaper

{Image source: livingroomexhibition.co.uk}

The Kimble Windsor Chair, design by Matthew Hilton, distributed by De La Espada

{Image source: livingroomexhibition.co.uk}

Deadgood, Bookshelf by Max Lamb

{Image source: livingroomexhibition.co.uk}

Lee Broom, The Decanterlamp

{Image source: livingroomexhibition.co.uk}

Young & Norgate, The Zimmer Sideboard

{Image source: livingroomexhibition.co.uk}

The Living Room exhibition is well worth a visit and continues at Luna & Curious until 2nd October 2011.


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