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Events Calendar: Green design at the London Design Festival

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If you’re not on the ‘green’ bandwagon yet, now’s the time to get on it! The London Design Festival offers a unique chance to score some completely new, just-launched, fresh-off-the-press gorgeous eco-friendly pieces for your home! I’ve scouted out some forward-thinking brands exhibiting at various events across LDF this week to bring you a selection of the best sustainable purchases.
This Irish company strives to create furniture that brings together their three core values: good design, ecology and craft. The company uses ecologically sound materials, processes and finishes in creating its timeless furniture. Their goal is to bring warmth and familiarity to the spaces inhabited by their designs. Building good quality is the best way to be sustainable; being able to pass down furniture that remains beautiful and useful over the generations is something really special. AODH is launching the MALT family of chairs and the AXEL chair at Designjunction.

Malt armchair by AODH

Single malt chair by AODH

This Argentinian company is launching four new wooden benches at 100% Design. The eye-catching designs are constructed largely from discarded wood and off-cuts of native Argentinian tree species such as blackberry, carob and urunday. Perhaps the sustainable sourcing will make up for the carbon footprint of transporting them to UK! Would make a gorgeous front-hall seat, or perhaps for the garden.

Gran Chaco discarded native wood table by Arqom

Sr Costanero discarded native wood bench by Arqom

Chocolate Creative is a London based boutique homewares and accessories brand focused on sustainable, hand-made design products, combining traditional skills such as cross stitch and embroidery with silkscreen printing. The brand is inspired by traditional crafts, antiques, vintage textiles and images, and all items are made by hand using a long crafted process, from the drawing of the designs to silk screen printing to sewing. Very cute, and green, too!

Rabbit cushion by Chocolate Creative

Pink Furniture cushion by Chocolate Creative

Lorna Syson’s collections are based on the belief that it is possible for design and environmental and social issues to work together. She sources all materials from the UK wherever possible, and her entire collection is manufactured in the UK or in her South London Studio. Be sure to have a look at the award winning British Hedgerow collection which uses wool and nettle fabric, 100% wool felt and organic cotton. Her graphic Bradbury collection, which gives the impression of 3D structures on a 2D fabric, is made of organic cotton.

Mulberry Ruffle cushion by Lorna Syson

Linear Fold cushion in acorn and cream by Lorna Syson


Masekos is a design consultancy that responds to the growing need for innovative design development processes and services with new strategies for sustainability. The company uses a unique methodology where they assemble bespoke groups of professionals from various fields to meet the specific needs of each project.
This Pionono stool is made with natural wool felt mixed with fabric scraps in the middle, lending the item some colour. The piece also works as a table thanks to the strength of the material. This is an eco-friendly product because it have been made completely from an organic material and re-uses fabric scraps.
The NKS3 chairs and tables are made with native multi-laminated wood, and have been designed with a maximum use of material and fewer resources. It is totally collapsible, designed for self-assembly, and allowing it to be shipped and stored flat. They are hand printed, and each piece is unique.

Pionono stool or table by Masekos

NKS3 by Masekos

NKS3 by Masekos

NKS3 by Masekos

Granorte is a Portuguese company, founded in 1972 to recycle the cork waste from the manufacturing of cork stoppers. They have gained an international reputation for excellence in cork products as well as highly-developed eco-friendly policies and practices. They produce a wide variety of technical cork solutions for walls and floors.

The thing that caught my eye though is the Corium leather floating floor. The surface is made of 100% recycled genuine leather and the use of cork – a renewable resource – enhances the feeling of comfort, warmth and quietness. They look is sophisticated and unique, with plenty of personality and detail.

Cork floor in coral black by Granorte

Leather floor in calabria cacao by Granorte

Enjoy the festival, or if you’re far away and not attending, enjoy the inspiration!


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