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Trend Spotlight: Our shopping finds to bring on the tribal beat

Trend Spotlight on The Unexpected Chic

Having looked at the patterned, spotted, multi-hued glory that is the TRIBAL TREND yesterday, I’m sure you might be wondering how to incorporate this into your home without making it into a mad-house?! I’ve gathered a collection of tip top pieces from my shopping travels that you can incorporate into your decor to add some vibrancy and ethnic-inspired energy in a grown-up, tasteful way.

Trend Spotlight on tribal design at The Unexpected Chic

{Kenitra rug, £698 at Anthropologie}

The bright patterns and colours of the tribal trend look great on a neutral base such as wood floors (especially reclaimed!) and pale walls.

Trend Spotlight on tribal design at The Unexpected Chic

{1. Mathilde sofa, £2498 at Anthropologie / 2. Cole cushion, £38 at Bouf / 3. Patchy rug, £1295-1795 at BoConcept / 4. Bobble stem lamp, £59 at Dwell / 5. Vintage antlers, £39 at Bouf / 6. Designers Guild Coconut Grove fabric in Pimento / 7. Coco B drawers, £350 at Bouf}

Anthropologie / Bouf / BoConcept / Dwell / Designers Guild

I think this mix would actually work all together in a room! Especially with the neutral colours of the coconut-wood drawer unit and the taupe Patchy rug cooperating with but not fighting the bright pieces, tribal can definitely work as a whole scheme and not just in accents.

On the other hand, you could go a bit braver and choose your larger investment items with an exotic flavour, such as the fabulous Hide chair with digitally programmed stitching embellishments, or the fun interchangeable dining table, both from Mint, below.

Trend Spotlight on tribal design on The Unexpected Chic

{1. Tan Tan rug, £868 at Anthropologie / 2. Dining table with changeable base from Mint, POA / 3. Quad shade floor light, £229 at Dwell / 4. Origami cushion, £109 at Bouf / 5. Round cushion, £45 at BoConcept / 6. Designers Guild Kasida fabric in natural / 7. Hide chair from Mint, POA / 8. Bookcases, £379-419 at BoConcept}

Anthropologie / Mint / Dwell / Bouf / BoConcept / Designers Guild

Trend Spotlight on tribal design at The Unexpected Chic

{Designer's Guild Coconut Grove fabric}

And for the final round-up, it’s all about the accessories! For those who don’t want to go all-out, add just a little touch here and there to bring a little zap of energy to your space, even just with a set of dinnerware to bring out when you’re feeling brave!

Trend Spotlight on tribal design at The Unexpected Chic

{1. Vaxbo linen cloths, £6.95 at Hus & Hem / 2. Persia Jewels dinnerware range, £7-9.50 at House of Fraser / 3. Go-fly-a-kite DIY letter holder, £59 at Hus & Hem / 4. Iittala Kivi tealight holder, £34.95 at Hus & Hem / 5. Crocodile lamp, £79 at Dwell / 6. Welsh floor rug, £120 at Labour and Wait}

Hus & Hem / House of Fraser / Dwell / Labour and Wait

I’d love to hear your thoughts on these products! What do you love and what would you ‘pass’ on? Would you go for the woven textures and contrasting patterns, but pass on the hodge podge of materials and the endless colour palette? Perhaps you covet the mix of hues but abhor the animal-inspired touches?

Also, do you think the tribal trend is here to stay, or is it nearing it’s expiry date?


Thoughts to share? Leave a comment!

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