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Freshly Squeezed: Part 3 of 3, Design ideas for your rental flat or small space

Freshly Squeezed Interior Design Ideas from The Unexpected Chic

Happy Tuesday! Hope you’re off to a raring start this week and back into the swing of things after the weekend. This is the last installment in my series about how to add style and functionality to small spaces, rented houses and flats! (Read Part 1 and Part 2 as well!) This series is going strong to the end, maybe even saving the best for last, with some really fun and highly affordable ideas. The two topics I’m focusing on are lighting and temporary wallcoverings!

Lighting is something that you may not think about for temporary design solutions, but it can make a huge difference as so many spaces (especially rentals) are very poorly lit! You’ll realize the huge difference lighting can make when you bring home a beautiful new table lamp or install a funky shade for your pendant light, and realize that you can actually see what you’re eating for dinner, or have the joy of being able to switch on a task light for reading your book. And remember that light fixtures that are not hard-wired in can come with you when you move, so it’s a worthwhile investment to add to your temporary home! Even if you don’t have much space, standing a tall and skinny floor lamp next to your love seat can make a huge difference in making  a space look homey and finished.

Lighting ideas for rented homes and flats on The Unexpected Chic

{image sources clockwise from top left:,,,,}

Wallpaper is a great way to update a room, but is usually not possible if you rent or flat. Wall stickers and temporary wallpaper are the solution to this! You can have beautiful patterned walls or an eye-catching accent wall that comes right off when you want to return things to normal and avoid any run-ins with the landlord.

Here’s how to make temporary wallpaper from any lightweight fabric! All you need is enough fabric to cover the wall area you want to decorate, some liquid starch (available at big supermarkets), a paint roller or sponge, and a pan to pour the starch into.

Installation: (thanks to Apartment Therapy for these steps!)
1. Wash the wall to remove any dirt or film.
2. Measure from the floor to the ceiling and add a couple extra inches. Cut the fabric accordingly. If fabric has a design, be sure to match the design before cutting the next panel as when using wallpaper.
3. Pour starch into a clean pan or spray on if using stiffener (see Tip section if using spray stiffener). Apply starch to the top half of the wall with a sponge, paint roller or spray on if using spray stiffener.
4. Smooth fabric into place at the top of the wall, leaving about one inch to be trimmed later. Use push pins to hold the fabric temporarily in place. Apply more starch going down the wall as needed until you get to the floor, leave approximately one inch overlap at floor level.
5. Apply starch to the top of the fabric, brushing and smoothing the fabric in place to remove bubbles and wrinkles. Be sure the starch penetrates the fabric evenly.
6. Work your way down the panel, continuing to sponge or spray starch onto the wall, smoothing the fabric, and applying more starch.
7. Position the second panel, matching the design along the edge. Repeat steps.
8. Around windows and doors, leave a one inch overlap as with the ceiling and floor.
9. Fabric overlap should be cut when the fabric is completely dry. It will then cut clean and easily and any shrinkage will have occurred before you trim.

Removal is as easy as pulling gently off of the wall! Moisten with a wet sponge if it doesn’t come down easily. The starch will wash easily off the wall – no muss no fuss!

Temporary wallcovering ideas from The Unexpected Chic

{image sources clockwise from top left:, Urban Walls on,,, Urban Walls on}

My favourite shop for wall stickers is Urban Walls on Etsy – they ship worldwide and even make custom pieces! Also, how cool is the idea from House to Home with the hooks combined with a wispy tree wall sticker. Talk about accent wall, and how easy would this be to make in your flat! You could even use stick-on hooks for hole-free walls as long as you only hang light items (it’s all for show anyway!).

Well folks, I hope you’ve enjoyed these three posts as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them! As always, please do get in touch with questions if you want advice on which solutions would work best for your home, or perhaps would like me to come up with some even more amazing ones just for you!



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