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Ten Best: Coziest, prettiest throw blankets

Ten Best: our picks for one interior decor item on The Unexpected Chic

I don’t know about you, but I have been getting my ‘cozies’ out during the past few days! And by this I mean my fluffy blue dressing gown (in Canada we call them housecoats, but I’m adapting!), my thick woolly socks, and my warmer pyjama pants for relaxing at home in the evenings. We’ve also put the thicker duvet on the bed, and not been peeling it off and on 3 times every night! Who knows if the cool weather will continue; I’m still crossing my fingers for a re-surgence of summer! But for now it’s definitely time to start thinking about some nice new autumn purchases to freshen up your interiors for the season.

One key piece is a throw blanket; whether for your bed, your sofa or an armchair, a throw is a great way to add an accent colour and some interesting texture! It also helps to break up a formal room, and might even save you a bit of money from keeping the heating a degree or two lower during the winter! It’s definitely a must-have in any living room as well as for the end of your bed to add a stylish finishing touch.

I’ve been shopping around for the best blankets and throws to add interest and layering to your interior schemes, as well as of course to snuggle up with in front of a movie! There are some really amazing finds here, and do read on til the end for a bonus eleventh best (my favourite!).

Ten Best throw blankets at The Unexpected Chic

1. Jacquard weave fringe throw, £24.99 at H&M Home / 2. Sheer silver print throw, £29.99 at H&M Home / 3. Shirland chenille throw in ‘smoke’, £80 at Laura Ashley / 4. Designer’s Guild Lansburgh throw in fuschia merino lambswool, £110 at John Lewis / 5. Quirky heirloom throw, £178 at Anthropologie

Throws work best as a contrast to the piece of furniture you are adding to, whether it be a contrast in texture, colour, or style. For example, mix up the look by adding a soft and simple throw like the Shirland from Laura Ashley to a leather sofa with tufted detail, or put a busy, funky one like the Quirky Heirloom from Anthropologie onto a flat wool sofa in a neutral colour.

In general, a big contrast works well with texture as well as colour, but don’t stray too far with style. By this I mean, don’t throw a bold geometric throw into a room with feminine, classical pieces. Stick with this guideline unless you are planning on working in a contrasting theme, for example an ‘Eastern’ influence, with other accent pieces throughout the room.

The same guidelines go for accenting your duvet cover with a throw. For example, the Lansburgh throw by Designer’s Guild would work beautifully on a simple white bed with perhaps some subtle stitching detail. And don’t forget to coordinate your decorative cushions by picking out colours from the throw! A mix of two or three different shades of red and purple, in solid colours as well a pattern or two at a different scale would work well here.

Ten Best throw blankets on The Unexpected Chic

6. Paisley wool throw, £159 at Oka Direct / 7. Ferm Living ‘Remix’ blanket, £89.95 at Nest / 8. Faux fox fur throw, £99 at Oka Direct / 9. Scotland throw in red, £145 at John Lewis / 10. Valentina throw in ‘eau de nil’, £200 at John Lewis

Some more awesome choices here, with rich plush textures, exotic Eastern-influenced patterns, and some geometric Nordic-esque designs! How are you going to choose?!

You should be able to get some idea of the best choice for your interior using the guidelines I’ve given above! And if you need more help, don’t hesitate, get in touch! I would love to chat and help you sort out all of your questions!

And now for the cherry on the cupcake…

Ten Best throw blankets at The Unexpected Chic

11. Lambswool throw, £140 at Cox and Cox

Which ones are your favourite? Perhaps you own one of these and would like to comment on whether it’s a great buy or a bit of a let-down? I hope to hear from you!


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