Featured: My back-to-school interiors tips article on Motivating Mum!

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I am very pleased to report that my article, “Get your home in shape for back-to-school” has been featured on Motivating Mum! Not only for mums, I’ve shared some clear ideas for all busy people to get your home organized and functional, as well as beautiful!

Please do have a read and explore the MM site while you’re at it, it is an amazing resource for parents in business or looking to start one! You can also follow on Twitter @motivatingmumuk!

Motivating Mum - an amazing resource for parents in business!

Here’s a little taster to get you going…

As your wee ones head back to school this week, you may find yourself in a slight state of shock from the sudden onslaught of busy-ness. It takes time to find your rhythm again with the constant comings and goings, demands and routines.

Read on for some practical tips and useful insights on how to optimize your home to make busy family life run a little bit smoother. After all, your home should be your haven, facilitating your daily needs flexibly and efficiently, rather than being an additional source of stress!

Read the rest of the article for some practical, affordable and time-saving ideas for your home!


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