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Trend spotlight: Velvet is back, I LOVE velvet!!

Trend Spotlight on The Unexpected Chic

Seeing as the weather has turned decidedly to the autumnal side lately, I thought I would report on one of my absolute favourite textures lately, and one of Fall 2011’s biggest trends: velvet!

I remember the days of wearing stretchy velvet leggings and velvet hairbands when I was a wee bit (read: much) younger. Forget about those cheesy faux-pas, the new velvet is tailored, plush and way sexy! This goes for fashion as well as interiors by the way, with velvet being one of the top trends to emerge at New York Fashion Week for this fall. According to fabsugar, the top highlights included purple velvet loafers at Jenni Kayne and a tailored red tuxedo jacket at Tory Burch, plus luscious velvet capes at Marc Jacobs and spotting Alexa Chung in a blue velvet jacket. I love these looks!

So, let’s see how this all works for interiors! There are 5 key pieces that you can look for in velvet. Keep reading to see each glorious one!

Trend Spotlight: velvet is back! on the Unexpected Chic

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An occasional chair finished in velvet is a great way to add a rich touch to your living or dining space, or even a little corner of your bedroom! It’s a good way to incorporate velvet into a perhaps lesser-used piece of furniture, so you don’t have to worry about stains and spills. Those over-stuffed pieces on the top left look perfect for an afternoon nap in dappled sunlight!

Trend Spotlight: velvet is back! on The Unexpected Chic

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What about a luxe velvet headboard to lean against whilst you read your bed-time book? Oh-so-pleasant on the back, and the head! These examples in coral orange and midnight blue are to die for.

Trend Spotlight: velvet is back! on The Unexpected Chic

{sources, clockwise from top left:,,,}

How amazing is that white velvet sofa. Definitely not one for eating a spaghetti dinner on whilst watching the telly though! I love how the gold sofa on the lower left is so broad and inviting that it feels like an island landscape within the room! Heaven.

And how romantic is that deep red tufted number! You can see here how velvet is highly flexible between modern and traditional styles, looking equally great with button tufting or with sleek contemporary shapes!

Trend Spotlight: velvet is back! on The Unexpected Chic

{sources, left to right:,}

Why not make your work a bit more pleasant with a soft finish under your tush! These colours are perfect – velvet works so well in jewel tones!

Trend Spotlight: velvet is back! on The Unexpected Chic

{sources, clockwise from top left:,,}

Aren’t you impressed by how attractive and modern velvet looks in the full range of decor applications and colours? I love how this texture looks equally lovely in a very chic pair of bordeaux floor-length curtains, as in calm neutral accessories in a luxurious bedroom, or in fun throw-cushions in citrus brights! Yet it adds a touch of richness wherever it goes, with its understated cushy depth and slight sheen.

Next I want to do a shopping feature, so we can find out where to buy some of these luscious beauties that we are lusting for! Has anyone seen any beautiful pieces on their shopping travels lately? Do let me know! Leave a comment, get in touch, or join the conversation on Twitter – I’m on @magnoliahillint !


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