What the Magpie Saw

What the magpie saw: ‘Dusky and exotic’ mood board

What the magpie saw: Colours, textures and vignettes collected from around the world at The Unexpected Chic

Last week I posted a series of colour schemes based on photographs from the English countryside. It was amazing to see what colours were hidden within these close-up views of natural items such as dried flowers, driftwood and tree bark. The palettes are a bit offbeat and unexpected, yet work really well! Be sure to have a look to understand the context for this post!

I wanted to see how well these palettes would work in real-life interiors, so I decided to put together mood boards with items that you can actually purchase. Today I’m posting the first one, using the ‘dusky and exotic’ colour scheme.

Colour palette 1 - The Unexpected Chic

original photography and colour palette by Magnolia Hill Interiors/The Unexpected Chic

Deep dark forest colours – ochre, red-brown and lichen green combine with misty periwinkle, aqua and heather to create a dusky and exotic palette with an interesting balance of light versus dark and warm versus cool.

I went ‘shopping’ to create a mood board for a dining area based on this palette, and here is the result:

Mood board for dining area based on 'dusky and exotic' palette, on The Unexpected Chic

Original mood board by Magnolia Hill Interiors/The Unexpected Chic

1. Brunklaus Shady Tree pendant, £195 at Dutch by Design / 2. Gladioli 35 Stem bouquet, £25 at M&S / 3. Cassina Radar sideboard, £5859 at Nest / 4. Taffeta curtain panel, £35 at Habitat / 5. Deknudt Decora waterpools mirror, £860 at Heal’s / 6. Hedgerow framed print, £95 at Heal’s / 7. Main floor lamp, £389 at BoConcept / 8. Hurricane oil lamp, large, £12.50 at Dutch by Design / 9. Tacchini Doodle chair, £712 at Nest / 10. Saville wallpaper £25 per roll at Graham & Brown / 11. Cool Britannia paint, £19.50 per can at Graham & Brown / 12. Alessi Zlin cutlery set, £3.50 at Heal’s / 13. Dahlia placemat, £9.75 at Heal’s / 14. Brights aqua tableware, £4-£5.50 at John Lewis / 15. Urban rug in purple-green, £1895 at BoConcept / 16. Compound extending dining table range, £1195-£1495 at Heal’s

I think this scheme would make a really gorgeous and unique dining area. The paint colour shown would work well in a room with plenty of natural light; I think in a smaller or darker room a paler shade of the same hue would be best.

Let me know what you think – does the colour scheme work well? Do you think using a photograph of a natural scene works well for interiors inspiration? Which of these colours or pieces would you use in your dining area?





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