Perfect Picks

Perfect Picks: new at Zara Home

It’s all soft shapes, calm neutrals and touchable textures from Zara Home this week. Kit your interiors out with our perfect picks to achieve a richly layered yet understated look.

1. Baxter baskets £17.99-£19.99 2. Mongolia throw £179.99 3. Wooster methacrelyte table £99.99 4. Mercury quilt and cushion covers £19.99-£119.99 accented with Blume linens £29.99-£59.99

The Baxter baskets have a lovely sleek silhouette and the leather finished handles make them look more pricey than they are! Would look great storing throw cushions or linens in the bedroom, or standing under a table filled with dry goods in the kitchen.

Mix and match the Mercury and Blume linens with the Mongolia blanket for a super cozy subtly colourful bed landscape.

5. Stella wood frame £17.99 6. Perry frame £19.99 7. Pearl jug £15.99 8. Shalimar vase £19.99 9. Pearl tableware £7.99-£19.99

Rounded forms and unfussy but interesting detailing is what I like about these pieces. The Shalimar vase would be perfect stuffed full of peonies, cabbage roses or big, dense chrysanthemums.

And finally, for the kiddies…


Cute, but not too cute! Kids will like these but won’t tire of them too quickly since they are simple and flexible enough to suit boys or girls at a range of ages.

Let us know if you’ve shopped at Zara Home lately. What did you think of the range and quality?


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