What the Magpie Saw

What the magpie saw: Colour palettes from the English countryside

What the magpie saw: Colours, textures and vignettes collected from around the world at The Unexpected Chic

Hello, I hope everyone in the UK had a lovely bank holiday weekend! And for all in North America, enjoy the last week of summer before back-to-school!

I spent the weekend in the countryside of Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire with my family, exploring castles, museums and quiet nooks of the countryside. My imagination was captured by all the beautiful colours, textures and shapes I saw all around, and I collected images of these to use as inspiration for interiors. Read on and I’ll share with you!

One of my favourite series of photos is those below, which I chose for their lovely neutral colours. Although ‘neutral’ in colour palettes is sometimes associated with being boring or a bit character-less, I think neutral colours are actually very flexible and have so many possibilities in that they can be toned with different hues (ie a purpley grey or a pinky white) and can have a lot of personality if used and combined creatively.

Colour palettes from nature at The Unexpected Chic

So I collected these images thinking that I would pull beautiful neutral tones out to make a palette. However once I started to gather colours I realized that these images were chock full of amazing shades that I didn’t initially notice.

Colour palettes from the countryside at The Unexpected Chic

The palettes are still largely centred around neutrals but there are so many other lovely colours in there. Can you see where each shade comes from in each photograph? Sometimes it helps to blur your eyes to be able to see colour rather than details.

I was so inspired by these photos and the gorgeous colours that I decided to put together 9 unique neutral-centred palettes, each of which I think would work really well for interiors. It’s amazing how the colours which occur in nature have a natural affinity with eachother to create these lovely groupings which we perhaps wouldn’t otherwise select as ‘going together’. I think there are some really beautiful and often unexpected combinations here!

Here are the 9 palettes:

Colour palette 1 - The Unexpected Chic

Colour palette 2 - The Unexpected Chic

Colour palette 3 - The Unexpected Chic

Colour palette 4 - The Unexpected Chic

Colour palette 5 - The Unexpected Chic

Colour palette 6 - The Unexpected Chic

Colour palette 7 - The Unexpected Chic

Colour palette 8 - The Unexpected Chic

Colour palette 9 - The Unexpected Chic

What do you think of these palettes? I was amazed by what came out of the images and how well the colours complement eachother. I think it is great to be able to view the images really large and close up to really see the colours that are in there.

In the future I will be doing shopping features on each of these to put together a sort of mood board for a room based on each palette to see how well they would work in reality! Do any products, fabrics, furniture, or materials spring to mind when you look at any of these colours? Feel free to suggest any that you think would work well.

Also watch this space for another colour palette feature, this time with photos of bright colours found from nature! (As opposed to photos focusing on neutrals)

I hope you’ve been inspired and your colour engine is revved! Cheesy I know, but true!

Have a great day, much love.


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