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Post on the road: a restaurant made out of rubbish

What with the disappointingly cool weather lately, I’ve been yearning for the hotter summer days of which there were a precious few in the last couple months! People keep saying September is going to be really nice, so I thought I would share a tip for a great summer bar in case the weather does indeed cooperate and gives us an ‘Indian summer’, so that you can take full advantage!!

Recently I found myself wandering along the South Bank after a dinner at the always-amazing Anchor and Hope in Southwark with a group of friends, looking for somewhere to have a post-dinner tipple. We stumbled upon the very eye-catching red and orange exterior of the Dishoom Beach Bar which reminded me of a giant tequila sunrise but upon closer inspection is made entirely of pallets!


Not having heard anything about the Beach Bar previously (but knowing that it’s mother restaurant Dishoom is highly regarded) we tripped eagerly inside, and eventually realised that this eclectic, quirky and colourful bar was indeed a temporary structure!

The walls are decorated with woven strips of plastic and cloth to create a really cool checkered effect and the furnishings are charmingly mismatched and haphazard.

The bar backsplash is covered in a miscellany of objects all sprayed white to make a textured monochromatic surface and colour is added simply but strikingly with backlit bottles full of coloured liquid and a barfront that looks like someone left it out in the sun with a box of wax crayons forgotten on it.

The rest of the interior is just as wacky and wonderful with recycled materials such as rolled up newspapers, carrier bags and even railway sleepers used innovatively to make bunting, interior walls and banquette seating!

Since the Beach Bar is but a fleeting temporary location (open til October 4th) you’d better go check it out before it’s gone! Hope for a nice warm evening and try the ‘strawberries and cream’ from the bar for a delicious and surprising new experience in cocktails! Fun variations on traditional Bombay food is served all day (sadly we were too full to try it!) but judging from the patrons we saw fighting over takeaways we can assume the food is mighty tasty.

Check for more details.


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