Post on the Road

Post on the road: beautiful ideas with candles

Hello! Hope you’re all well. I’m away at the moment without internet access so wanted to share with you some of the lovely things I’ve seen out lately.

Restaurants are great for design inspiration, especially for atmospheric lighting and table centrepieces. Today I’d like to show you two beautiful and simple ideas with candles to add a warm flickering glow to your dining table.



Buy mismatched vintage teacups with pretty patterns and colours and put tealights in them to create this charming effect. The thinner the china the better so the flame can glow through.

This next one was probably accidental, but it looks so pretty I think you should do it on purpose!



Different coloured candles have been used in these cool old bronze candlesticks over time, and the drips have been left to gather into this amazing organic mass of bright hues.

The effect is one of memories and happy hours spent sipping red wine in the flickering glow. So effortless (literally a product of laziness), and really arty! Would look great on a super clean and minimal white table setting. The orange and bronze look great together as well.

Hope you have a lovely candlelit evening tonight!



Thoughts to share? Leave a comment!

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