Post on the Road

Post on the road: styley last minute gift wrapping

So last night I arrived home looking forward to a nice anniversary dinner with my lovely man, only to realise I hadn’t wrapped his gift yet! it had come in a gift box from the manufacturer, but I wanted it to be concealed and have paper to tear off, cuz that’s way more exciting.
I scrabbled around in the closet and found some cheesy Christmas wrapping from last year, and briefly considered it, but decided I wanted better!! But how – he was going to be home any minute!
I scrounged some newspaper and found the games section which actually looked quite funky and abstract, and wrapped the box quickly in that. Next I took the cardboard the package came in and cut two hearts, a larger and a smaller. I flipped the larger one so the corrugatey side was showing, and stuck the smaller one on top with the smooth side up.

I taped this to the newspaper-wrapped box, sweetly wrote his initial on it, and voila! An unexpectedly chic-looking gift with no money spent and about 4 minutes of time. And it’s eco friendly too! I love reusing things!

Curious to know what the gift was?? ;) Leave a comment or tweet me! @magnoliahillint



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