Get Crafty with a Cocktail

It’s almost the weekend! Wall art, Spritz and 4 little girls

Thank goodness it's Thursday at The Unexpected Chic

I think this week has actually gone really fast! It’s been quite a busy one, especially with getting into the rhythm of daily blogging along with my previously already full daily routine! It’s been great though and I am very much looking forward to keeping it up! I hope that you keep checking us out and getting value from the content. Please do leave a comment, on here or on Twitter @magnoliahillint!

Well, despite the week not exactly dragging by, this Thursday is still definitely worth celebrating, especially since it is our two-year anniversary with my lovely man today! Hopefully you have something to celebrate as well, and if you don’t, make something up, there is ALWAYS an occasion for a delicious cocktail, especially one as good as this, coming up…

Thank goodness it's Thursday at The Unexpected Chic

But first, our weekly DIY feature, giving you something awesome to make for your home this weekend! This one is definitely (hopefully) easy enough to make whilst you sip on your cocktail! Bonus.

Thanks to for this idea and the lovely photos!

What to do this weekend from The Unexpected Chic


What to do with the tops of your kitchen cabinets? This is always a dilemma and usually ends in putting it off and letting them get dusty. That’s where this cool idea comes in! Low-budget and low-artistic-skill required, so you can spice up your kitchen on the double this weekend!

The first step is to procure yourself some MDF or plywood from your local hardware store, or use scraps you will probably find in your garage or shed if you look. The shop might even have scraps which you can have for free or cheap, or will cut a piece to size for you. Size shown here is 20″ x 35″.

1. Print your text and image on to printer paper (font size here is 600). You can find similar knife and fork silhouettes here. (as you won’t be selling this wall art, no need to worry about copyrights)

2. Prime your wood board with white primer to seal it.

3. Paint your board a pretty, punchy colour that will add some zest to the space. Spray paint or any emulsion will work fine. Two coats will make the colour look freshest! I like a chartreusey yellow (similar to the demo photos), bright scarlet or sweet lilac.

{images from}

4. Put graphite paper (available from any craft shop) graphite-side down on your board. (You can also make your own graphite paper by scribbling all over a sheet of paper with a soft pencil to make a fine layer). Place your letters down on top of the graphite paper where you want them (facing the right way round) and then trace your image, pressing hard enough so that the graphite transfers on to your board.

5. Fill in the outlines you’ve made with a paint marker – the Sharpie brand works well. If you can’t find one, use a fine black paint brush and acrylic paint. Display your art and enjoy all the compliments from guests!


I really enjoyed this cocktail last weekend at Frank’s Campari Bar in Peckham (you should go – good luck finding it! I’ll leave that up to you)

It is super trendy in Italy, everyone was sipping on it along the canals in Venice and in the piazzas in Florence when I visited last summer. It looks gorgeous too, glowing really brightly when the sun shines through it! Irresistible!

Aperol Spritz

  • 2 parts Aperol
  • 2 parts Soda water
  • 2 parts Sparkling wine – Prosecco is best! Use more Prosecco than soda if you like it sweeter. (I do!)
  • 1 Orange slice
  • 1 Green olive
  • 2 Ice cubes
Start with the ice, then add the Aperol and then the rest of the ingredients. The olive and orange seems like a strange combination, but trust me, it is amazing! TRY IT.
This is one of my all-time favourite movies. Perfect for a rainy afternoon in! I cry every single time, and I’ve probably seen it 15+ times. Highly recommended!


Little Women (1994): The March sisters live and grow in post-Civil War America. {IMDB}

Director: Gillian Armstrong / Writers: Louisa May Alcott (novel), Robin Swicord(screenplay) / Stars:  Susan Sarandon, Winona Ryder and Kirsten Dunst

Cheers for reading, don’t forget to share and tweet about us, and enjoy your looong weekend! Let’s hope for some sunshine! Much love.

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