Perfect Picks

Just in: Perfect picks for your own fairytale forest

Perfect Picks - our favourites from new collections in the interior design world

This is the series where we show you the best finds from new collections out there in the interior design world, most of which you can purchase online! The new arrivals at Anthropologie have a definite theme toward the whimsical and fantastic, which we have dubbed ‘Fairytale Forest’. Animal figures, pale prints and delicate gilded fripperies abound, giving you the ticket to making your interiors feel as if you’ve stepped into a magical dream landscape.

All Aboard Candelabra from Anthropologie - on The Unexpected Chic

All Aboard Candelabra, 69 cm high, porcelain, 548 GBP at Anthropologie {}

This candelabra is literally jaw-droppingly amazing, look at the size of it! We love how the candles are mounted at different angles (though this may cause issues with dripping wax..?) and the deer on the bottom is so nobly giving the others a lift. Great conversation piece!

Would look just as good on the floor as on a table, as I’m sure not everyone has a dining table large enough to anchor such a hefty centrepiece.

Stellata bedding from Anthropologie - Perfect Picks at The Unexpected Chic

Stellata bedding, 58-448 GBP at Anthropologie {}

Again, another stunner. Covering the range from pillow shams to a full set with a duvet cover, the Stellata bedding walks a perfect line between masculine and feminine, whimsical and graphic, delicate and bold. The colours evoke a dusky twilight scene in the misty fairytale forest, with floral brights contrasting shadowy darks.

Perfect Picks from Anthropologie, on The Unexpected Chic

From top left to bottom right: Diamond Cut doorknob 32 GBP, Gilded Wallpaper 348 GBP/roll, Cherie Dressing Table 498 GBP, Skipperling Mirror 48 GBP, Stellata Bedding 58-448 GBP, Flowering Twig Pencil 5 GBP, Neoclassical Tin Mirror 748 GBP, Wish Tree Jewellery Holder 58 GBP, all at Anthropologie {}

And here behold our curated selection of the best Fairytale Forest-themed picks. Mirrors and gilded surfaces are key in creating a dreamy glow and cloudy reflected images. The ornate dark mirror anchors the otherwise pale scheme with some contrasting colour and will let you be sure you are the fairest in the land! Nature motifs such as insect wings, petals and vine-like curlicues, along with crystals to refract coloured light around the room complete the diaphanous atmosphere. Our absolute favourite is the Gilded Wallpaper! Not exactly a bargain at 348 pounds per roll, but would definitely provide bang for your buck on an accent wall to add an extra-luxe feel. A single roll would also make a beautiful piece of scroll-style wall art, pinned up with the ends left curled.

And with that, enjoy your Saturday! Hope it’s sunny where you are.


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